Monday, July 31, 2006

Tonight on the BIG Screen

I'm back from vacation. In a nutshell: something bit me on the ankle & it itched & swelled up for a week; it was 100 outside - we camped all week; thunderstorms that look like hell is coming suck. Enough about me.

The event I went to was aviation themed & included an outdoor aviation movie each night on a three story screen. Very cool actually. I ended up watching the first hour of The High & The Mighty (John Wayne, 1954), 633 Squadron (Cliff Robertson, 1964), and The Battle of Britain (Michael Caine, Laurence Olivier & half the free world, 1969). You get goose bumps watching the beginning credits of old movies on the big screen.

Anyhow, Cliff Robertson was there to introduce 633 Squadron. I was hoping to get his autograph, but bounding over masses of people in pitch black doesn't work well.

Why can't they show more classic movies on the big screen? Sigh...

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