Monday, July 10, 2006


I've heard of Robert Montgomery's "Open Letter From a Television Viewer" and honestly thought it was a letter to the editor of some major paper. Turns out it was a book Bob penned in 1968. Some details from

"After leaving television, Montgomery became an outspoken critic of the medium culminating in his 1968 An Open Letter From a Television Viewer. For whatever reason he lashed out, claiming television and radio were controlled and censored by politicians. Montgomery went so far as testifying before Congress on the subject, thus alienating himself from the industry that had given him fame and wealth."

Anyhow, the book is available off eBay. For you book collectors, the description is as follows: "Extremely RARE! Actor-Author, Robert Montgomery, is the father of actress Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched. Stated first printing, 1968 -- Good solid softcover -- Clean and tight...NO writing/highlighting/tears! Front cover edge nicked/rubbed; Slight foxing to edged of cover only; Excellent copy!"

Book is also on, used.

Hey Bob - it's 2006 - TV still sucks.


Anonymous said...

...claiming television and radio were controlled and censored by politicians.

Times haven't changed, I see!

Anonymous said...

That and creativity...that's out the window.

Anonymous said...

I've actually read this book a couple of times. Interlibrary loaned it through work. I'm sure you can do the same thing.:)

Anonymous said... is it....dry content?

Anonymous said...

It is in spots, but there are parts of it that are rather amusing. He definitely was a very smart gentleman.

Allison said...

Wow no idea he wrote something like that but hard to argue with him. I would be curious to read the rest of it if I can find it.