Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bob Gets Analyzed

Being an Alfred Hitchcock fan, I have a healthy collection of books on the director. I'm proud to report that none of the books are the type that over analyze the "train into tunnel" scene from North By Northwest, or try to determine why the use of shadows explains how Hitch was feeling that day, blah, blah.

I did run into an article online though that does the analysis bit on Robert Montgomery.

The Rich Boy
The Reticent Artistry of Robert Montgomery

By Donald Phelps

"In the bird kingdom, one might envision [Cary] Grant as a starling: swooping, staccato voiced, a darkness highlighted in green or purple. Montgomery might be a hummingbird: a diminutive, focused brilliance, wings in constant febrile motion, even when apparently static. "

I had to smile on the next blurb - It must be the dinner jacket that explains my interest in the "Robert trifecta:"

"Not too much later along, he would display further nuance; a growing alertness to certain hard-core possibilities in the white dinner jacket and black dress trousers of the well-to-do young man. These Montgomery shared in shifts with those two other charismatic Roberts, Taylor and Young."

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