Thursday, July 06, 2006

Classic Coming Attractions

As a lot of you already know, I'm a big fan of, a web site dedicated to DVD release news. Monthly, they post a new Classic Coming Attractions column which reviews recent classic DVD releases and announcements. It's always a good read.

Their latest column takes a look at:
  • The Cecil B. DeMille Collection
  • Charlie Chan Collection
  • John Wayne DVD-a-palooza (that's my term for it)
  • Recent film noir releases by Fox
  • And a bunch more
Always of interest is their Upcoming Classic Film Releases on DVD database/document which lists titles, dates and rumors about upcoming DVDs. Of interest on the rumor list: Joan Crawford Collection Volume 2 (no idea what's in it), The Fountainhead, The Corn is Green, James Cagney box set, William Powell/Myrna Loy box set, Frank Capra box set - I could go on.

And no, there's no Robert Montgomery box set on the release list...

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