Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fugitive Lovers

Madge Evans and Robert Montgomery in an Exciting Ride on a Transcontinental Bus.

I borrowed the above sub-title from the 1934 New York Times review of the film - it pretty much sums up things.

When I put the movie on, I really didn't have much of an idea of what the movie was about. I knew there was a scruffy Bob & a kid at the end, but didn't expect what I watched. I liked it. It reminded me of the 1970's disaster movies a bit. Everyone is stuck on a boat or plane, and you get to learn a bit about everyone before the movie really gets going.

Haven't seen the movie? Go check out the plot synopsis on Interested in a reproduction movie poster for the film? It's actually a pretty nice one - check out more on a past post here.

And my favorite quote from the movie - Letty to Legs: "You're too big for one man. You ought to incorporate."

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Anonymous said...

I loved the camera work in the film. Great angles.

And that first pic of Bob is going on the Myspace profile.