Thursday, January 27, 2022

He Was Here, There, & Everywhere!

 Picked up these photos from bulk buys of miscellaneous stills.  Usually, there's maybe one Bob in the batch that I want, and the rest are usually not of interest.  Occasionally, something catches my eye, like another Ward Bond sighting.  I'm not particularly a fan of Mr. Bond as a person, but his career was most impressive.  IMDB lists 276 acting credits and he was in so many great movies (It Happened One Night, Gone With the Wind, The Maltese Falcon ... ).  And a darn good natural character actor to boot.  From appearing as a fireman in a Tim McCoy movie ... 

                Ward Bond and Tim McCoy in A Man's Game (1934)

... to playing the leading bad guy in a Kim Maynard western, Bond kept himself very busy.  

            Ken Maynard and Ward Bond in The Cattle Thief (1937)

Bond has only a small role in this Edward Everett Horton comedy, but it's a large studio production (Universal) and I'm sure better paying than the two previous independently produced films.  The film has a 7.3 rating on IMDB.  Sounds like a fun movie, but couldn't find it for viewing or buying.  Darn it.  

       Edward Everett Horton and Ward Bond in His Night Out (1937)              

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Allison said...

Lol my parents and I have a running joke about "Ward Bond Sightings" in movies