Thursday, January 13, 2022

He Looks so Comfortable with that Mike

 Bob appeared before congressional committees five times, that I can think of.  This is his last appearance, January 15, 1960, a mere 62 years ago.  Two photos follow, one from each of the major wire services, Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI).  Between the two captions, one gets a good idea of the story.  

WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 --- MONTGOMERY TESTIFIES --- Robert Montgomery, actor and director, testifies today before the Federal Communications Committee in its inquiry into questionable practices in the broadcasting industry.  AP 1960

1/15/60 WASHINGTON: TV producer Robert Montgomery is shown as he appears before the FCC 1/15.  He charged that rumors of rigged TV quiz shows and payola were widespread throughout the broadcast industry long before they came to public light.  He said the broadcasters should be given a chance at self regulation - but the chance should be limited.  UPI


Carrie said...

Part of me would be interested in seeing him these days in the current political environment.

Allison said...

Agree Carrie. An interview I saw, he had talked about celebrity-politicians and he seemed to have some foresight (not sure if that is a word?) about how things were headed that way.

Kathy said...

He'd either be totally flabbergasted (love that word!) and unable to function, or thrown in jail as an 'insurrectionist' for speaking out against tyranny and wokeism. Fast-forwarding him to 2022, would be an unkind thing to do.

Otsj said...

He has too much class to get involved in today’s politics. I think he would be thoroughly disgusted.
Lighting a Lucky.