Tuesday, June 22, 2021

More Complaining About the Weather ...

 It's that time of year, super hot here in Bakersfield, and I need to complain about it!  Sorry.  

Decided to check out Bob in/or near pool photos, hoping it would help cool me down.  Nah, seeing Bob in swimming trunks does not cool me down, rather the opposite I must say.  

Poor Bob, putting up with having to shave his chest, the thing to do in the 1930s, as far as the studios were concerned.  Actually, I'm a tad envious of Bob in this photo.  He's sitting by his pool in Beverly Hills.  The high temperature in Beverly Hills today will be 75 ... and mine will be 100! 



Allison said...

So handsome in the picture ��

Kathy said...

I'm in total agreement with you! It's 1938, which makes him 34 ... past the beautiful youth years, maturing into a handsome gent. Not bad.