Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Bob Being Bob ... What Could be Better?

 It's Bob and Ingrid Bergman sitting in the doorway of Bob's portable dressing room on the set of Rage in Heaven (1941).  Wonder what they are both looking at so intently.  Is it the first time they've met 6'3" George Sanders?  I can just read Bob's mind ... "I'll have to share scenes with that giant?!"

I haven't seen Bob so wide-eyed before.  Nor so youthful at 36.  Perhaps it's the camera capturing momentary innocent thoughts of surprise or inquisitiveness emanating from Bob's bright mind.   No, I'm not saying Bob was an innocent soul, but a man of many facets including a youthful interest in the world around him.  And it does not appear to be a posed look which would be common for on-the-set publicity photos.   Yup, it's just Bob being Bob.  Nifty. 

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