Thursday, June 10, 2021

100 Years ... No Way!!!

 "ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET." It's an ice cream cone race between, left to right, Robert Montgomery, Virginia Bruce, Director Richard Thorpe, Nydia Westman and assistant director Dolph Zimmer, who has swallowed his in one gulp and started on a coke.  The party took place on the set of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "Wooden Wedding," in which Montgomery and Miss Bruce are teamed with Warren William in the leads. 

 Did you notice the reference to "Wooden Wedding" instead of The First 100 Years (1938)?  They must have changed the film's name at the last moment, you see the working title quite often on photos sent to the media.  I'm glad they did, Wooden Wedding just doesn't sound very interesting.  And poor Dolph Zimmer ... he's the assistant director and does not even get credit for it on the screen.  Nothing personal, Dolph, but I much prefer that than watching 7-10 minutes of a list including limo drivers, carpenters, assistant accountants and 25 executive producers.  There is just no middle ground in Hollywood. 

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