Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bob Enjoying his 1935 Winter Break

    Jan. 31 - Having drinks with Phyllis & Fred Astaire at the                     Trocadero

   Feb. 10 - Playing the ponies with Constance Bennett & Ria Gable                       (Clark's #2) at Santa Anita.

     Feb. 15 -  Out on the town with Tullio Carminatti & Chester                              Morris

    Feb. 20 - Playing the ponies with Fred Astaire at the Riviera                              Country Club

P.S.  Re the 2nd photo ... this marks the first time I have used a photo with a vendor stamp.  That's rather tacky of me, I know, but it fits in this blog entry so well.  It was up for sale some while back.  I lost the bid, darn it.  It's the way Bob is looking at Ria ...

P.P.S.  Don't you wonder what Betty did for fun?

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