Thursday, October 30, 2014

All Good Wishes

This is a 5 x 7 fan photo of Bob, a darn good portrait.  Got it just recently, had to wait forever for it to get down to a reasonable price.  The vendor insisted it was a "signed" photograph.  No way!!  We can't even be sure it was Bob that wrote the original template, could've been a secretary even.  What is known is that this signature was used on several of Bob's early fan photos.  It's a darn good chance that Bob never handled this photograph.  No possible thumbprint or actual DNA!!  Just a great picture.

Bob developed a unique and nifty autograph.  There's those interesting g's and y's.  Underlined with two hash marks.  And, in many cases, a period after his name.  Bob touched these pieces of paper. 






                                             Older Bob

Just don't know when he used the last shown autograph, it is certainly an abbreviated version.  The period stands out.  It's later than 1945 for sure, an actual year would only be guessing.  Anyway, if you're buying a photo because of the signature, look for one that is personalized, i.e. "To Kenneth, Thanks for your help." If it's a portrait of Bob from his TV show and all it has on it is "All good wishes, Robert Montgomery," it's probably been signed by an autopen.  Maybe not, but ...

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