Tuesday, October 28, 2014

And Every Snowflake is Different

I Love this photo of Bob ... to the point of having several copies, all just a tad different.  The first is an obvious original, has the MGM ID number,  MG 29353, and deterioration, unfortunately.

The second one is another 8 x 10, but without the number.  It's also on double-weight paper which perhaps explains its better condition.  Also note, the image is closer cropped.

The third is a 5 x 7 fan club photo, with the bottom cropped even more.  And, of course, there's that fan club signature stamp ... "Sincerely yours" ... makes me want to cringe.

And now for something entirely different ... Hey, he's looking away from the camera and his hand is on the bar, a world of difference!  It is, of course, a reprint.  From an original negative, perhaps?  Whatever, he's just gorgeous. 


Debbie said...

As beautiful as the first three are, I LOVE the last one best. The charming little smile is gone, but the real Bob shines through more.

3rdplanet said...

He had a peculiar way of writing g's and y's. Never seen them written that way before. Love his handwriting in general... Was there anything unappealing about him?! :)

Kathy said...

Deb - We are in agreement once again!

3rdplanet - Yes, Bob's signature is distinctive. Wonder if he had help developing it, that used to be a common practice. The long underline with the two hash marks, nifty.

Kathy said...

.......And there was absolutely nothing about him that was unappealing!!