Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Audrey Totter and the Boys

Audrey Totter specialized in tough-talking dames in the late 1940s.  She was quite good at it and paired off very well with a number of, errrr...., mature leading actors.  In 1947-49, she made three movies in a row with favorite actors of this blog.  She was in The Saxon Charm (1948) with our Bob.  I have used the photo of the two before ... it's worth a repeat.  They make a handsome couple.

In 1949, she co-starred with Ray Milland in Alias Nick Beal

Now, to complete the cycle, I recently ran across this photo for High Wall (1947) in which psychiatrist Audrey tries to prove a brain-damaged Robert Taylor did not murder his wife. I am guessing she was successful. 

Actually, if you skip one of her movies, you will find she appeared with Clark Gable in Any Number Can Play (1949).  That's one impressive foursome.  Ahh, another photo to find ...

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