Thursday, August 28, 2014

Eight Years Can Take Their Toll

Bob's August Birthday Ladies, No. 8:  Ingrid Bergman was born on August 29th and died 67 years later on the same day.  That's a rather odd distinction.  In December of 1940, she began filming Rage in Heaven with Bob as her co-star.  Eight years later, on December 13, 1948, she appeared with Bob in Lux Mystery Radio Theater's presentation of The Seventh Veil.  It's a fun listen, the mature Bob with his deeper and more resonant voice invoking Crazy Danny from Night Must Fall. 
                                   Rage in Heaven (1941)

 Bob and Ingrid taking a coffee break while preparing for their performance on Lux Mystery Radio Theater on December 13, 1948. 

Bob scores points for keeping his pinkie off the cup!  The photo is from a magazine so the resolution is not the greatest ... wish I could read the printing on the cup.  


Debbie said...

The cup should say "War or no war, I'm still one handsome dude!"

The Seventh Veil.....haven't listened to that one before. It's on my "to do" list.

Kathy said...

Actually, I was commenting more on Ingrid's aging than Bob's. An unflattering photo to be sure. And...have you noticed that the older we get, the better older Bob looks?

Debbie said...

Truer words were never said!