Monday, August 04, 2014

Anita Page and Robert Montgomery find Romance at the Movies

Their seats for Anna Christie aren't in the back row, unfortunately.

He nearly tears his hat when Greta Garbo first appears, and speaks!

The candy vanishes during a tense scene.

There is a desperate fight, and they are on edge.

There is a love scene, much to their mutual satisfaction.

Then she spoils it all by getting excited about Charles Bickford, while Greta is nowhere in sight.

They are visibly affected when Anna tells her sad story.


The fade-out...

Pictures and text from a magazine article using photos by C. S. Bull for the movie Free and Easy (1930).

Bob's August Birthday Ladies, No. 2.  Anita is the day's birthday lady.  Born August 4, 1910, she was only 19 when the movie was filmed and had already appeared in nine features for MGM.  She was retired for 60 years when she developed a cult following after giving some great interviews about her movie career.  She and Bob define the concept of "a cute couple."


Carrie said...

Cute set! Have never seen those, except the "one" before!

Kathy said...

Yeah, it's a new find for me. Really surprised the other photos aren't available, they're all good photos. All snarfed up before we started collecting Bob? Probably.