Saturday, March 08, 2014

What is a Riptide?

An alternate universe wherein:  pigs fly;  a deserving performer is never overlooked in the Oscar In Memoriam segment; and Norma Shearer chooses Herbert* Marshall over Robert Montgomery. 

                                        Riptide (1934)

* Corrected...did I REALLY type George instead of Herbert?!   Sorry, Herb.


Roxie Stardust said...

Norma is crazy! I would have chose Bob Montgomery in Riptide and in Strangers May Kiss too. The men she chooses instead are boring and nowhere near as hunky as Mr. Montgomery. Love your site by the way! Nice to know that I am not the only Bob Montgomery fangirl out there!

Kathy said...

Roxie - Thanks for the kind words and, yes, there are a select few of us Montgomery fans. Pity the people who don't know him.