Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ann Sheridan and George Brent? And They Thought the Marriage Would Last?

I have always liked Ann Sheridan, one good-looking, sexy lady, adept at both comedic and dramatic roles.  My favorites were the tough, wisecracking ladies in some classic movies:  The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942), George Washington Slept Here (1942) and I Was a Male War Bride (1949).  Equally bright and tough off screen, Ann continually fought Warner Brothers for better roles, to the point of going on strike in 1941.  The photo of her and then boyfriend George Brent (a marriage follows that lasts one year) was taken Oct. 18, 1940, but was used to illustrate a story about her strike. 

Other than the date, I do not have any other information on the photo.  That's always frustrating for me.  Let's see ... 1940 ... A Screen Actors Guild meeting?  A presidential campaign event?  Too many possibilities to narrow it down.

And after all this, have you noticed what's REALLY interesting about this photo, what prompted me to buy the photo?  An imaginary award for being a true movie fan goes out to all of you who know!


3rdplanet said...

The REALLY interesting part is James Cagney photobombing! :)

Debbie said...

I'd like to think that Bob is sitting next to Jim behind Brent's head.

Kathy said...

3rdplanet - Welcome to the blog. Of course you're right! And you were right at 5:11, a true Bob fan.

Debbie - If this was a SAG meeting, maybe. A Democrat Party gathering, definitely not. Did you notice how large Brent's head is?

3rdplanet said...

Thanks! I live in Europe, so it wasn't quite that early for me. :D Been following for about a year now and your blog is one of my favorites, as is Bob. You rock!

Kathy said...

3rdplanet - A follower in Europe...that's great. First Europe...then the world!! And, to be told I "rock!" You've made my day.