Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two Salutes and Then Vacation

There's always people you like who are left out of the In Memoriam Oscar tribute.  There are a few additional people mentioned on the Oscars website ... yeah, a passing mention on a virtually unknown website versus your image and name shown on a program seen by millions ...  sure, what every actor wants.   Anyway, if I may pay a brief homage to two actors who deserved to have been included in this year's tribute.

John Wayne, Harry Carey, Jr. and Ben Johnson in She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Harry "Dobe" Carey, Jr. (1921 - 2012) with about 100 movies to his credit, was the last surviving member of the John Ford Stock Company, appearing in nine of his movies.  Seeing him ride, along with Ben Johnson in Rio Grande is a sheer joy.

                          Polly (Ann) and Andy (Mickey Rooney)

Ann Rutherford (1917 - 2012) played Scarlett's sister Carreen in Gone With the Wind and Polly Benedict, Andy's girlfriend in the Andy Hardy Series.  She deserves an Oscar just for sharing the screen with Mickey Rooney! 

(Classic Montgomery will be on vacation until Tuesday, March 5th.  Carrie's headed out of town ... I'm just vegging.)

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