Monday, February 25, 2013

The Source of an Idea

One of Bob's more famous portraits is a mirror photograph of Bob taking a picture of himself and George Hurrell. 

                                Bob and George Hurrell (1931)

Using the same technique, Bob takes a self-portrait with Madge Evans and director Harry Beaumont on the set of Made on Broadway.  
                               Made on Broadway (1933)

A few years later, Bob incorporates several mirrors to snap a photograph of himself with make-up man Emile LaVigne.  The signature reads:  "To Emile - Here's looking at us - Robert Montgomery."

                                      On the MGM lot (c. 1938)

And going one step further...Lady of the Lake director Montgomery films himself only in mirrors.  An idea a mere 16 years in the making? 

                                    Lady in the Lake (1947)

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