Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bob Shipmate Dorothy Jordan

The latest edition to my Bob and Dorothy collection.  Wish I had them all.  Mr. Hurrell certainly did some great work. 

                                      Shipmates (1931)

Dorothy was Bob's co-star in two movies:  Love in the Rough (1930) and Shipmates (1931).  She had a brief but successful career in movies, retiring in 1933 when she married producer Merian C. Cooper, a marriage that lasted until his death in 1973.  During the 1950s, Dorothy agreed to take small roles in three movies made by Cooper's partner in Argosy Productions, John Ford, wanting to prove to her three children that she was indeed an actress.  In The Searchers (1956), Dorothy plays John Wayne's mother --- she was less than one year older than John, and looked even younger.  Dorothy is in the classic opening scene wherein she walks out of the darkness of her home to see the bright desert vista and her son returning from war.  Not a bad coda to her career. 

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