Friday, February 22, 2013

Bob's Favorite Lady (less the Elizabeths)

Whenever asked who was his favorite leading lady, Bob always named Helen Hayes.  I'd imagine his respect for her stage success, held the young Mr. Montgomery in awe.  

                                Another Language (1933)

Helen first appeared on a stage at the age of five, and a mere 80 years later retired from acting.  During that brief career, she won two Oscars, three Tony Awards, an Emmy and the love of playwright and screen writer Charles MacArthur.  When she met Charles at a party, it was love at first sight.  Later in the evening, he poured some salted peanuts into her hand and said, "I wish these were emeralds."  Married in 1928, they were together until his death in 1956.  It would be her only marriage. 

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