Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Reginald Owen, The Fashion Setter

 I miss men's hats.  (Baseball caps are in a category all by themselves, part of a baseball uniform, not hats.)  Everybody wore hats in the 1930s.  Different styles, various colors ... and that's just the men's.  Bob had a number of dark green hats.  I'm sure that would set off his blue eyes and brunette hair.  The hat he wore in Lovers Courageous (1932) is nifty, with the turned down brim.  Like Madge's cloche hats as well.    

Reginald Owen's hat ... well, it is different.  

Lovers Courageous will be shown by TCM May 24th at 9:15 a.m. PT.  Hope it will be available to stream afterwards.  9:15 is just a tad too early for me.  


Allison said...

So glad women do not need to wear hats regularly. I can do a ball cap or stocking cap but any sort of fashionable type one i look dorky 😬😄

Kathy said...

Allison, I'd guess that if you were accustomed to wearing hats and had been for some time, it would be less of a shock to see yourself in one. Growing up a tomboy, my poor Mom never got me to wear one. Pill boxes were big then ... talk about dorky!! But...the right hat for the right person and they are quite complimentary. I'm sure that's one of the reasons Montgomery was big on hats, he did look great wearing one.

Allison said...

that is a good point Kathy. I watch a show like I Love Lucy and I cannot imagine wearing a hat like Lucy and Ethel just to go to the drugstore.