Thursday, April 28, 2022

Some Favorite Character Actors

 Born in 1891, Roscoe Karns made his first movie in 1915, and his last in 1964.  Known for his rapid-fire delivery, Roscoe was perfectly cast as a reporter in His Girl Friday (1940).  I first got to know him as Jackie Cooper's Captain in the TV series Hennesey (1959-62).  Saw an episode of the show recently.  It is really dated, but Karns was still funny.  Sorry, no information on the photo, but he's looking rather snazzy.  

Victor Moore had a successful career in vaudeville and Broadway before making movies in the 1930s.  I first remember seeing him in Louisiana Purchase (1941), in the role he also played on Broadway, Senator Oliver P. Loganberry, the simple and honest politician everybody tries to corrupt.  IMDB somehow gives the movie a 6.0 --- no way.  A very funny movie, in my humble opinion.

                   Victor Moore in Gold Diggers of 1937 (1937)

Reginald Owen, I believe, has the record number of appearances in a Montgomery movie:  The Man in Possession, Lovers Courageous, Petticoat Fever, Trouble for Two, Three Loves Has Nancy, Fast and Loose, and The Earl of Chicago.  A superb actor with a great career, Mr. Owen is pictured taking a nap during the filming of Mrs. Miniver (1942).  Most famous, no doubt, for A Christmas Carol (1938).  But great in so many roles.  

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