Tuesday, April 26, 2022

I Spend Way Too Much Time on my Computer!

I have a rather large file of photos I use as wallpapers, but I often go to a select few over and over again.  Pulled out ten of those for your perusal, in no particular order.  They all look better full screen, of course.  

Bob headed for Panama during his PT stage of his military career.  Bob is second from the left.  I particularly like this photo because this is real Bob, actually doing tour duty, not assigned to LA to make training films.  It was just so admirable of him to give up all the money he was making in 1940-1941 in order to do his civic duty, even though he was past draft age.  My hero.

A publicity photo taken for Three Live Ghosts (1929), his first movie, of course.  I have a photo of Bob's house in the early 1930s with this photograph displayed on a wall.  

Cagney and Bob on the set of The Gallant Hours (1960).  Great photo of two old friends finally getting the chance to work together.  Bob actually laughing, a full face smile.  Love it.

Bob directing on the set of The Gallant Hours.  Love the bullhorn.  He's having fun.

It's 1943, Bob has returned from his Pacific tour of duty and they have him doing some PR work.  Here we find him in Chicago being a master of ceremonies for some naval program.  A few fans have cornered him for autographs.  

Blondie of the follies (1932) with Marion Davies.  Great set, needs to be seen on a full screen.  The best hat ever!

The Shipmates (1931) publicity shots are all great.  It didn't hurt to have two good-looking stars as subjects.  

One of my newer wallpapers and currently my favorite.  Such a gorgeous young mam.  Rrfff.


Allison said...

I love black and white pics. I have some random ones on my bedroom wall, including Bob. Haha I am single so i figure i can be decorate how I want!

Kathy said...

Allison ... enjoy it while you can! Bob pictures are prohibited from my bedroom. Husbands can be so picky at times.