Tuesday, April 05, 2022

And Where Were You 54 Years Ago?

 Bob was in Milwaukee, WI on April 2, 1968, visiting the newsroom of the Milwaukee Sentinel.  I'm fairly certain a newspaper visit did not bring him all the way to Wisconsin, but don't know anything else about it.  I see he still has the knack of taking off his glasses before a picture is taken of him.  

The great Montgomery full-faced smile is still there.  

Being a photographer himself, Bob helps the person assigned to get a head shot by holding his glasses in a rather unique manner.  Nice shot.


Carrie said...

That's interesting. The local papers used to have their archives on Google, but it's gone now. Hmm, election?

Kathy said...

Yeah, politics would be the best guess. I can see Bob traveling to Milwaukee for the party in a presidential year, to be guest speaker/master of ceremonies at a Republican fundraiser. And he might be visiting the Johnsons, as in Johnson & Johnson, the Mrs. being the former Irene Purcell. But that would be a secondary reason, they were in the same social circle in NYC, as the Johnsons had a place in Manhattan as well.

That's too bad about losing the archives. Sad to think of all that lost history.