Tuesday, November 16, 2021

A Handsome Man Always

 A rather nice photo of Bob taken in 1948.  In other photos from that year, he is doing publicity shots for The Saxon Charm, wearing one of those atrocious ties he wore in character as ruthless Matt Saxon.  Here he's wearing the solid-colored tie that becomes his style in the late 1940s on into the 1950s.  The man dressed well.  Love the smile.


Kathy said...

Alison: Ride the High Country is being shown on TCM on 11/20. Hope you carry the channel.

Kathy said...

Allison, Allison, Allison ... sorry for that. You are allowed to call me Cathy to make up for my error.

Allison said...

Shoot I do not! I do not have cable. I thought about when winter hits to maybe order that Criterion Channel via streaming.

Haha you are fine! I actually had someone who thought my name was Ralph at my last job when I called. Not sure if the lady on the other end was a dingaling or my voice is deeper than I thought.

I know Saxon Charm is on YouTube but I have not seen it yet. Not sure how much I want to see Bob as a bad guy even though I love Night Must Fall