Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Bob, Don't Let Them Touch Those Curls!

 Bob was a featured player in The Sins of the Children (1930), originally titled The Richest Man in the World.  Somebody decided 'Sins' would more easily catch a viewer's attention ... and they were probably right.  Cosmopolitan Pictures had an arrangement with MGM who put its logo on and distributed the movie.  Elliott Nugent, close friend of Bob's from their working together on So This is College (1929), is a featured player, as well as sharing credit for the story and dialogue.  So at least Bob gets to pal around with Nugent while being loaned out to Cosmopolitan.  

Whoever was responsible for publicizing the picture did not have much of a budget.  There just is not much available to collect.  I ran across this photo on eBay listed with no reference to Bob.  It was a fun find for me, seeing that face jump out from my computer screen.  Now, Bob, do not let those two barbers touch that curly head of hair.  After all, look at their haircuts! 



Allison said...

Love that smirk ��

Kathy said...

Yeah, Bob should have a patent on that smirk.