Tuesday, November 02, 2021

The Man Who Lost to Truman in 1948

 It is November 2, 1948, the day of the Presidential election.  Gathered for what I'm guessing was a radio broadcast are Republican candidate Thomas E. Dewey and his wife, and a collection of entertainment people, politicians and businessmen.  I'm also guessing it was a get-out-the-vote event (with Bob as MC), or perhaps they were the early arrivals at Dewey's celebration for winning the election.  Everyone is so happy in the photo.  I wonder how long that feeling lasted for them. 

 Yes, that's our Bob next to Dewey, they were life-long friends.  Dewey's permanent residence since 1939 was a large farm outside Pawling, NY, not that far from Bob's farm outside Millbrook.  They kept in touch.  The gent on the far left is James Melton, a singer associated with The Met in the 1940s. 

 Seated in front are Irene Dunne and John Hodiak. 

 And the lady in the back row, far left, is Zasu Pitts. 

 Bob had this tendency to injure himself throughout his adulthood.  There was the broken left wrist  playing Polo, the broken left foot from skiing, the broken left arm suffered from a fall on ice arriving at a New Year's party (probably at the Deweys') ....  this is my first news of a broken index finger.  And, yes, it's the left hand.  You know, that looks painful. 

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