Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Bob,Joan,Frank,Una,Clark,Bill,Robert or Roz?

 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer did not pass up many opportunities to make a little extra money off their stars fame.  Besides the picture frame photos, there were photos used on notebooks (or writing tablets, as I knew them).  I wasn't around for these notebooks, but I would have dreaded having to select just one for the upcoming school year.  In all honesty, as an elementary school student I probably would have chosen .... Clark Gable!  And Robert Taylor would have been my second choice.  Hey, Gable and Taylor were still making movies in the 1950s.  While Robert Montgomery was a TV producer and advisor to President Eisenhower.  Who would you have chosen? 


Allison said...

Normally I would say Bob but if those are the pictures I would go with Gable. Interesting find! Some look like pictures but a couple look like drawings.

Kathy said...

Yeah, Bill Powell's is really messed up, Bob's not that much better. Haven't the foggiest idea as to why.