Thursday, July 08, 2021

And Movies are Still geared to the 12-year-old!

 Thought you might be interested in a TV Guide that is not all that common.  It is the October 21, 1950 issue, with Bob on the cover, of course.  (Just read the Wiki write-up of TV Guide which has the start date of 1953.  Well, that's certainly confusing!)  

"Robert Montgomery Presents" has already begun its second season, so the introduction of Bob to the readers seems a tad tardy.  Perhaps I'm simply applying today's digital standards to a world that existed some 70 years ago ... shouldn't complain.  


Allison said...

I so wish Robert Montgomery Presents were released on DVD. I have found some random episodes on YouTube and I really like the few I have seen.

Kathy said...

Allison - ah, the inherent problem with live TV of the 1950s...the shows weren't recorded!!! Seriously, wouldn't it be especially great to see the RMPresents shows Bob acted in, like "The Great Gatsby" and "The Lost Weekend." To go back in time and whisper in Bob's ear..."Re-runs are the future!"

Allison said...

Really?! They must have just salvaged some random episodes then. Oh man that just makes me cringe thinking of all the performances lost forever