Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Two Bobs for the Price of One

 Autographs are nifty.  They're a nice memento of someone you have perhaps met, albeit briefly, or never met in person but would sure like to.  I never met Robert Montgomery, but I do have a "few" mementos of the gentleman, including several dozen autographs.  Handling a piece of paper that he also handled ... as close as I can get!  Anyway ... below is a new addition to the collection.  It's quite a hurried or sloppy version of his more formal signature, but I am rather sure of its authenticity.  I have a July 1, 1939 autograph that is quite similar.  He was in England at the time, a lot of the autographs I have that were taken from autograph books originated in England.  Besides having spent several years overall in England, I'm guessing he was more accessible there.  In the 1930s, Bob was either working at the studio or headed out of LA for peace and quiet. 

What is rather unique with the autograph is what is on the flip side.  Yep, another Bob autograph!  Too much.  The fan went back for seconds?  I can see that.  The attached photo is probably from the late 1930s, which helps determine the time frame of the signature(s).  My day was made.  Twice as close...

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