Thursday, August 08, 2019

Strangers May Kiss (but they don't have to)

I enjoy photoplay editions of books upon which movies are based.  The They Were Expendable edition is just great, eight photos and six have Bob in them!  On the other end of the pole, the photoplay edition of Lady in the Lake does not have any photos at all inside, just those on the dust jacket.  Strangers May Kiss is kinda in between those two books ... four photos and none of them feature Bob!  But, they are decent photos, particularly the photo of Ms. Shearer at the front of the book.  I'd say it gives one a pretty good idea of the flavor of the book. 

The captions are worth showing in a legible print size...

                      Elizabeth aches for the kiss of this stranger - 
                             yielding to a passionate embrace.

                     Alan tires of their unconventional interlude.

               In one mad night after another, Elizabeth sought
                        escape from the spectre of her folly.

By the way, Happy Birthday thoughts for Norma Shearer whose birthday is August 10.  And the same for Dorothy Jordan whose birthday is August 9.  And belated Birthday thoughts for Ann Harding and Irene Purcell who share August 7 as their birthday.  My, but Bob had to work with a lot of Leos!!

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