Thursday, August 29, 2019

Florizel and Miss Vandeleur Enjoy London

Two actors enjoying their work ... Or, just what was going on behind Bob's cape? 

                Bob and Rosalind Russell in Trouble for Two (1936)


Brittaney said...

I read an interview that Roz did where she stated our Bob was not her favorite co-star. But you sure can't tell it with their onscreen chemistry.

Kathy said...

Brittaney - Did she say why he wasn't? I haven't seen that article, but was aware of tension between the two, probably helping the onscreen chemistry appear so good. I would like to think they were getting along in this photo shoot, several shots have them laughing together. They were both excellent actors so it is difficult to know for sure about their relationship. Thankfully it wasn't so bad that Bob refused to work with Roz, that would have been a real loss.