Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Is it Really August, Already?

Bob at home in 1938.  Swimming seems to have been his main form of exercise through much of his adult life.  In the 1930s he is in the pool every morning doing laps, and in the 1950s Bob is swimming at his men's club on Park Ave. 

His left foot seems to have some kind of problem.  Does anyone know what those lines might be?  I know he broke his left foot skiing in 1957, but do not know of any broken foot before then. 

Whatever, what is not broken for sure is that great smile!


Anonymous said...

IMHO those "lines" look like engorged veins which can happen in heat and the legs a dangling such as blood would pool due to gravity. Also, we cannot see if the same is happening to the right foot which is out of view

Kathy said...

Anon, thanks for responding....I think you've got it! This case is closed, IMHO. (Unless someone comes up with an even niftier explanation!)