Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Odds and Ends, Once Again

Bob is at a fundraiser sponsored by a charity headed by Noel Coward.


Marlene said...

IMHO I think picture with dog is NOT Robert Montgomery! Wrong hair line, wrong eyes and especially wrong mouth - to me, the mouth is the biggest giveaway. That is not he RM unique smile. Why the text says Robert Montgomery is anybody's guess. If any connection, this person could have ben RM's stand in. Publicity people didn't always get it right about him. eg. wrong woman as his first wife and a picture of him as a child, etc.

Carrie said...

IMO, it's him, very young and before a trademark look was created.

Kathy said...

IMO...yeah, it's Bob. A 1929 Bob before his pattern baldness set in and his teeth were capped. Note that it's a grin not showing his teeth. He had numerous photo sessions done that year, and he looks totally different in each. Not only women were "made over". Whatever, the end product is just perfect.