Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Second Piece of Pie, Anyone?

Rather enjoy candids taken on the set in the 1930s, when they shared the "magic" of movie making with the fans.  This photo taken on the set of Hide-Out (1934) is interesting in that there is not a soul in the group with a smile on their face.  Well, young Mickey Rooney is smiling, too young to know better?  Anyway, these people were putting in very long hours to keep up with demanding schedules set by the studio.  Not much to smile about, if it wasn't in the script!

The cast listed clockwise:  Edward Arnold, Bob and Maureen O'Sullivan (whose faces are almost whited out by the set lighting), Elizabeth Patterson, Edward Brophy and the Mick.  The director W.S. Van Dyke is the dapper gent wearing a straw hat.  Wonder what that pie was like after sitting under the set lights for a few hours.

Reminder:  Hide-Out is being shown on TCM tomorrow at 6:45 a.m. EST.  Lady in the lake (1947) can be seen on demand until the 21st. 

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