Thursday, May 23, 2019

I Mean, How Cool Can A Guy Be

Just a few words re the photo below, which I used in Tuesday's posting.  It is a personal favorite of mine ... how could it not be!!

The photo back has this description:  "What the well dressed man should wear!  Robert Montgomery, MGM star, for driving in an open car, wears a soft snap-brim felt, double breasted-wide-lapeled camels hair sport coat with perforated pig-skin driving gloves to complete the costume.  A paisley-patterned scarf is also worn."  --- Why, of course!

I normally show my photos "as is", but reverting this photo to B&W produces a really nice print.

You have no doubt seen the coat before.  He is wearing it in this photo taken by Tony von Horn for Conde Nast Publications in 1931.  Because of the coat and the excellent photography, I'm guessing they both may have been taken by von Horn.  I just discovered that Tony was actually a Toni, which might explain her ability to capture Montgomery at his finest. 

And a close-up of the best part of the photo ... rrfff!


Anonymous said...

Great find! I've never seen this one before. Very nice. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, by the way.

Kathy said...

Thanks! It certainly made my day when I first saw it.

My husband and I have finally worked out flag duty for holidays. He puts it out in the morning, and I remind him to take it down in the evening. Works for me! Yes, a wonderful weekend for all.