Thursday, January 03, 2019

Hey, the Man Could Ride a Horse, Too!

Happy Birthday to my favorite Welsh horseman, Ray Milland!  Ray was a championship rider in England, even serving as a member of the British Household Cavalry or guardsmen to the Royal Family.  If King George VI needed to be escorted in a parade by young, dashing horsemen in snazzy uniforms, Ray filled the role most amiably.

Below we find Ray in 1937, still pursuing his passion.  His saying he was going out for a ride had a slightly different meaning than if Bob or your weekend polo enthusiast had said it.  

But being a great horseman does not a western star make.  Ray made a few westerns in his later career, but no one seriously considered him as cowboy material, thank goodness.  I mean, he may look comfortable leaning on a horse, but that smooth voice with the slight whisper of a Welsh brogue ... just not an American cowboy.  No way. 

                            Ray Milland in California (1947)

By the way, TCM will be showing Night Must Fall this coming Sunday at 7:45 a.m. PST.  Not exactly a great viewing time, but ... 

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