Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Check Out the Kerchief Hiding that Long Neck!

Three Live Ghosts (1929) is Bob's first film.  Yes, of course he had an uncredited role as a party attendee in The Single Standard, but dancing wildly in the background behind Garbo does not a movie actor make.  (Although he was quite the dancer!)  For a film that has been lost all these years, I am continuously amazed at the memorabilia available.  Photos, lobby cards and this movie summary from the British magazine "Picture Show" of April, 1930. 

Come to think of it, I really don't know when the movie disappeared.  It was remade in 1936, and I always assumed it was gone before then, perhaps after the first initial release.  It was an independent production, so who knows what kind of records were kept by the company.  What really causes me to wonder is the existence on IMDB of both a user review and five ratings.  I mean, how old are these people that they have seen this movie?  Just wondering....  Anyone know more than me, about this movie I mean ...

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