Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bob and Friends (?) Out On The Town

Other than all being in the movie business, I just do not see Bob, Keenan Wynn and Peter Lawford as having much in common.  And to spend an evening together at Mogambo's ... well, gee, maybe.  It couldn't be that they were all MGM contract players (including Marilyn Maxwell) ... oh, probably.  But it's an entertaining little feature anyway, even if there is a minor mistaken ID in the center photo.***

"A playfully provoked threesome at the Mocambo were Mrs. Keenan Wynn, Peter Lawford and Keenan, who thought it was about time he got a chance to dance with his wife---please.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Montgomery were also having a night out with blonde Marilyn Maxwell in their party.

Bob did some gag swapping later with comedian Keenan and Peter."

I like how Bob has both the women and the men breaking up.  A night at Mogambo's with Mr. Montgomery ... yeah, I could go for that. 

*** Yes, that is definitely not Betty.  I wonder who she was. 

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