Thursday, July 19, 2018

Who the Heck Are These People?

One of the very few positive results of newspapers dying out, is having their photo archives made available to the public.  You will see a number of photos of Bob with President Eisenhower and at political events, plus the occasional celebrity out-and-about type of photo.  Unfortunately, not all those photos have much information re the subject.  Of the photo below, I know Bob and Buffy are pictured and the date stamp on the back is for 8-15-1952.  As to where they are or who the other two people are, one can only guess. 

It would make sense that they are shown arriving in NYC, their primary residence in 1952.  They seem to be overly dressed for a New York summer, but they may have departed from a colder part of the world (doesn't exactly narrow the field much), thus Bob and Buffy would have their heavy coats with them.  Well, I'm sure Buffy would have wanted to keep a close eye on her mink anyway! 

There is the possibility that the young lady is Buffy's daughter, just do not know much about Anne except that she would be in that age category.  The man ... just do not have a clue.  Ann does not marry until 1955 and I doubt Buffy would allow her to travel with a male companion.  Besides, he's walking a step or two behind the others.  Maybe he's the family accountant meeting them at the airport with a financial update.

Did you notice the long white strips primarily running down the airplane's tail?  Those are caused by dimpling in the photo.  Moisture is no friend of the photograph.  They show up this way when the photo is scanned, which is how I keep track of my photos.  The white lines do not show up when the photo is photographed instead.  Most vendors on eBay photograph their photos for sale, makes for a much "nicer" copy.  Just something to keep in mind when purchasing photos from online.  A good vendor will point out  problems like this.  There are always those bothersome exceptions - like the outfit that sold me this photo!!!!  

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