Thursday, July 26, 2018

Beautiful, Blue-Eyed and Tanned Bob

Before the prevalence of air-conditioning, filming at the studios came essentially to a halt in August.  That gave the actors, particularly the young and much overworked Mr. Montgomery, a much needed break and chance to pursue preferred summer activities.  Bob was rather a competitive zealot in a number of sports (polo, tennis, golf, boating) which meant spending many hours outdoors.

War Nurse (1930) was the first film made after his summer break in 1930.  This publicity shot, with June Walker, must have been the very first activity on the production schedule.  Just check out that gorgeous tan, the way it sets off his blue eyes.  Unfortunately, it fades away quickly once he returns to his usual long days shut up on indoor stages.

And not one color photo of of the young man ... 'tis a shame.

                      Bob and June Walker in War Nurse (1930)

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