Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hot Screen Lovers, 1932 Version

How not to disagree.  British magazine "Picturegoer" published a supplemental with full page photos of 1932's noted screen lovers, and placed a photo of Bob and Joan Crawford from Letty Lynton on its cover.  Yes, yes.  Bob and Joan were the hot couple for the year. 

James Cagney and Joan Blondell are featured.  I love both, but I view them as a "good friends" couple, as they were off screen as well.

I don't feel any heat coming off this couple, either.   Understandable, since Norma Shearer has the hots for Fredric March in the movie Smilin' Through, not Leslie Howard.   Need to check out that movie again.

Lucky Kay Francis ... jewels AND Bill Powell.  For myself, jewels would not be necessary.

Now this is hot. Sizzling.  Joel McCrea and Fay Wray in The Most Dangerous Game.  Get this couple a bucket of ice water!

Jack Oakie was an excellent comedic actor, master of the "triple take".  Before his weight gain, he had serious roles as well.  Bit of a handsome dude at this stage.  But, all the same, it is difficult to see him and Miriam Hopkins as hot lovers. 

1932.  Handsome men and sexy ladies.  And it was all pre-code.  Hot. 

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