Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tomorrow is Bob's Birthday

On the theory that it is impossible to see too much Montgomery, I've decided to list some more video clips for your viewing pleasure.  They are all available on YouTube, hopefully there is something that you haven't seen.  Even if you have, they're all enjoyable a second, third time or more.

Robert Montgomery Tribute   Another Bob Montage.  A total delight.

Man's best friend is the apple   A favorite scene.  Includes my vote for best pratfall of 1948.

Bob sings to Joan    Two young performers doing their best. 

Bob and Norma    A montage of Bob and Norma Shearer scenes.  They obviously got along well together. 

Sexy Thing   A montage tribute to classic male leads.  Well done, except Bob is barely in it.  Still, it's a fun to watch.  

Audrey Totter's amazing faces    Audrey reacting to Bob in Lady in the Lake.  Just a great compilation.  Goooo, Audrey! 


Debbie said...

Happy birthday Bob! Shame on TCM for not having a day of Bob movies!

Kathy said...

Yes, Happy birthday Bob ... and double shame on TCM, that's the second year in a row! To make up for it, I think next year they should premiere a remastered copy of Letty Lynton! (If they want to show it earlier, that's okay too!)