Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dabney...What Have You Done Now?!

Man in  Possession (1931) is a fun movie.  The cast is excellent:  Bob, Charlotte Greenwood, Irene Purcell, C. Aubrey Smith, Beryl Mercer, Reginald Owen and Alan Mowbray.  A whole lot of talent and experience on one set.  In the two scenes above, Bob holds his own while having to rely on his facial expression alone.  C. Aubrey and Reggie have fun with being aghast at Bob's goings on.  And in the bottom photo, Beryl and Irene smartly ignore the boys totally. 

A bit of trivia:  C. Aubrey Smith will also play Bob's father in But the Flesh is Weak.  Beryl Mercer appeared in four movies with Bob: Three Live Ghosts, Man in Possession, Lovers Courageous and Night Must Fall.  And Reginald Owen ties Joan Crawford for being in six Bob movies:  Man in Possession, Petticoat Fever, Trouble for Two, Three Loves Has Nancy, Fast and Loose and The Earl of Chicago. 


Brittaney said...

I love this movie. It's so fun!

Kathy said...

Brittaney - in complete agreement. The scene with Charlotte Greenwood and Bob the morning after Bob's interlude with Irene...too good.