Thursday, May 07, 2015

It is Not Exactly an Evening at Sardi's

                  Bob on location for The Night Must Fall (1937)

Wow, the caterers went all out for Bob's dining experience.  Looks like discarded lumber from a set.  (You can imagine how present day stars would react to such treatment.)  Difficult to imagine Bob eating alone with no one to talk to.  Gee, I would have joined him!


3rdplanet said...

How he still managed to look so classy is beyond me. No one could've pulled this off!

Debbie said...

Looks like there is another tray on the table. I bet Roz will share the meal with Bob. I recognize the pajama top. She was in that scene. There is another photo of him helping to fill her lunch tray (though not from the same day, different wardrobe). Thanks for the NMF photo! You know it's my favorite! And I'm with you, I'd have joined him in a heartbeat!

Carrie said...