Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ride the Pink Horse Is a Hit - 68 Years Later!

Ride the Pink Horse (1947) has finally been released!!!  Seemed like forever since Criterion made the announcement they were coming out with a Blu Ray copy of our favorite underrated noir film.  Ran across a dozen reviews on the web, all of them in agreement that it's an excellent film, well worth the effort to have it remastered and shown to a new audience of prospective Montgomery fans!

The print is just gorgeous, definitely adds to the movie with all its noir lighting and camera work.  And the commentary track is worth a second viewing of the movie.  Both reviewers know their film noir and share their expertise without being condescending to the audience.  Refreshing.  I do have a question re one of their comments:  Why would one consider Once More, My Darling to be Bob's "noir parody?"  They really lost me there. 

Anyway, if you haven't already a copy... BUY ONE!! 

Above, Bob uses a hands-on approach to directing his young leading lady, Wanda Hendrix.  Also pictured are John Sherwood, Asst. Director, and Margarita Savilla, Wanda's speech coach.

Below, Bob listens to long-time character actor Thomas Gomez in preparation for a scene.  No hand holding needed to direct Mr. Gomez, who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance. 


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