Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Are You Up To a Brief Quiz?

Twenty-Five points if you can name the silhouetted gent in the photo below ... 75, if you can name  the lady.

And a 1,000 point bonus if you can help me to identify the handsome couple in this great photo.  I have not the foggiest idea who they are, guessing Broadway actors.  F. Powol, NY, is the photography studio name imprinted in the lower left corner and, due to the paper and aged backing, I am thinking it was taken in the late 20s.  Of course, I could be totally wrong.  What d'ya think?  Have any idea? 


Unknown said...

I'm leaning towardsJimmy Stewart as the man in the top photo. The lady looks a bit like Barbara Stanwyck but I'm not 100% on that because I don't recall Stany & Stewart in a film together

Kathy said...

Val A, greetings! You are so right, tis Mr. Stewart. And you win 25 points. In fact, you get 100 points for being the only one to hazard a guess! I made this too difficult, should've given some clues as to the movie they were in. The movie is "The Last Gangster" made in 1937 and co-starring Rose Stradner. Do check out her biography on IMDB. She led a rather sad, but interesting life.