Thursday, January 22, 2015

Leo the Lion in der Vaterland

Stars having an affair during filming was certainly not unusual.  I am sure it helped during the love scenes.  Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor certainly do not appear to be acting. What was more unusual is the affair lasting beyond the production schedule.  Babs and Bob definitely belong in the latter group.  A handsome, happy couple indeed. 

    Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor in His Brother's Wife (1936)

The photo is actually a lobby card made for distribution in Germany circa 1939.  Besides the MGM stamp, the Germans added their approval stamp.  American movies were still being shown in Germany, but they were censored before release ... no Hitler jokes, thank you.  It is difficult to see the stamp.  I have blown up Bob's sleeve ... the eagle and swastika are fairly clear.  A photo of the stamp imprint on the back is even clearer. 

Seems rather distasteful to see the German swastika and the MGM logo together.  Of course we were not at war in 1939, the motion picture studios as well as many other companies conducted business in Germany as usual.  But still ... I can't imagine Taylor was very pleased to see the swastika stamped on his sleeve. 

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